Safe Environment



Grades K-12


This curriculum is recommended for use in all parish religious education, youth ministry, and Catholic school settings in the diocese.  It is meant to be complementary to current diocesan curriculums and to textbook series already in place at the parish and school levels.  Although sexuality, as well as issues of abuse, can be difficult to address, please recognize that it is not an option to neglect chapters from current textbook series that are set forth for the specific purpose of educating children and youth about healthy, normative, Christian sexuality.  It is important to be aware of age appropriate content and methodologies, as well as, individual readiness to comprehend sensitive materials and terminology, and still maintain innocence as long as possible.  That is why it is important for you to partner with parents whenever possible when teaching aspects of these delicate subjects.  A form will be available for you to fill out prior to the session, letting us know your wishes.