Forming Effect Disciples

Forming Effect Disciples (FED)    

The Diocese of Superior has provided a Catechist certification program for all parishes to implement.  The certification program is designed to expand the catechist’s basic knowledge of the Catholic faith, to foster collaborative ministry between the catechists, and to build the confidence of the catechist’s classroom experience.  Each parish is assigned the task of providing this great opportunity for our Catechists.  Immaculate Conception parish’s Catholic Formation Department has developed a FED team.  This team is very enthusiastic about this process and is always excited for the up-coming year.  

Some of our Catechists have been through the process.  Here is what they have to say about it.  

“When I went to the retreat I thought it was a requirement for “All” catechist to attend.  Little did I know, what a truly amazing experience it wold become!!! I met wonderful people and opened the door for God to work in my life in a different way.  Even though I have been a catechist/co-catechists for many years, this would be my first year teaching alone.  Boy was I nervous!! Each time we had a class, it seemed to strengthen my confidence and ability to teach these young people.  I was still nervous, but I had tools and a support system to help answer my always many questions.  The FED program has been a very positive experience.  I believe it has helped my faith life “want to grow”.  Sue Seidling

“Going through the FED program was a great experience.  Not only did I learn about my religion, I also learned about myself and made great friends in the process.  The FED program allows you to take something you’ve always known about the Catholic religion and hear different perspectives to enable you to understand it and put it to use in your personal life.  I would encourage all catechists to enroll in the year’s program.” Pam Rutledge

FED Team:

  1. Ragna Rasch– Scripture
  2. Pam Rutledge– I believe/We Believe
  3. Sue Seidling– Prayer/Spirituality
  4. Patty Berger– Morality
  5. Kim Palmer — The Learner and Sacraments