Youth Formation

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(3y-1st Grade)

Immaculate Conception is offering Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the 9:00 a.m. Mass on many Sundays and is FREE of charge.


CChildren’s Liturgy of the Word is a wonderful way for young children to receive Scripture on a level they can relate to. I am excited to announce that we are using a new program called “Seeds” This program is designed to introduce preschoolers through 2nd graders Jesus’ love for them.


We celebrate the Liturgy through a child’s point of view.  We try to do this by allowing them to celebrate God’s word at their own pace, giving them the opportunity to ask questions, to interact and to offer their thoughts and reflections, following the pattern of normal congregational liturgy. They will get the opportunity to learn through prayers, songs, readings, and activities or discussions. Children also hear the Gospel each week in an age-appropriate format.  It is designed to create a sense of belonging.  You would be amazed at how much the children understand and remember from the Scripture passages.

How can my child participate in Children’s Liturgy of Word? Simply attend Mass.

  • The children are dismissed by Father and will walk to the back of the church before the Liturgy of the Word.  A leader will accompany downstairs to the Children’s Liturgy room.  Parents are always welcome to join us with their child.
  • They return to the main assembly in time for the Preparation of the Gifts to sit with their families for the rest of the Mass.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with Children’s Liturgy of the word. Volunteers aid the teachers and guide the children as they proceed out and back into Mass. This is an ideal way to earn service hours for Confirmation candidates. If you are interested in helping please feel free to join us downstairs or contact Kristin Dittman at 715-246-4652 ext 260 or

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Catholic Faith Formation is the partnership between the families and the Parish.  The Catholic Formation department is here to enhance the religious formation already happening in the home, each of us providing the talents and information which we need to raise a Christian child.  Faith is first experienced and lived within the family, the parish community nurtures and supports this faith formation.


Grades K-6 will use the curriculum from the Sadlier Series, We Believe. The series integrates prayer, liturgy, and Catholic social teaching with catechesis.  Catholic identity is promoted through the clear presentation of content. Kindergarteners may choose to attend Children’s Liturgy of the Word on Sundays or Wednesday evening classes.  First Graders should attend either Wednesday Evening Catholic Formation Classes or be enrolled at St. Mary’s School, since they will begin more in depth catechesis in preparation to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion in the second grade.


The lessons comply with the National Directory for Catechesis within a six task outline.  The Sadlier Series consist of:  WE GATHER.  Each chapter begins with a meaningful prayer and invites children to share their thoughts and experiences.  WE BELIEVE, presents the truths of the Catholic faith, based on Scripture and Tradition and provide reengagement activities for each faith statement.  WE RESPOND, helps children live out their beliefs through prayer, reflection and action.  Every text contains many special family activities to involve the entire family in faith development.  This program runs Sept. – April.  See page 4 for contact information.


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Grade 7           

As Disciples of Jesus – Sadlier Series, We Live Our Faith

Centers on Jesus’ life, His teachings, and the sacraments He instituted.  It presents Jesus’ call to each person to become His disciple and the ways in which His teachings, His sacraments and His Church nourish people for discipleship.

February -March (10 week session)

Theology of the Body for Teens is a dynamic faith formation program for teens and pre-teens in Catholic schools, parish youth ministries, Religious Education, Confirmation, and homeschool settings.  Using a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and relevant references to the culture, it goes beyond traditional chastity programs by connecting the two hottest topics on the planet–God and sex. 

With Pope Saint John Paul II’s compelling vision for love and life, and a language they understand, Theology of the Body for Teens answers the questions teens and pre-teens have about their own bodies, issues on sexual morality, and how they are uniquely created for greatness.  The Middle School Edition has been granted the Imprimatur by Archbishop Gregory Aymond, of the Archdiocese of New Orleans


Grade 8            

As Members of the Church – Sadlier Series, We Live Our Faith

Presents the Church from its beginning at the Pentecost event through its history, encompassing its teachings and tradition.  It presents the mission of the Church, entrusted to her by Jesus, as the responsibility of all baptized Catholics.


Grade 9                

Students will participate in service learning projects and review previous lessons learned in Catholic Formation, mainly to prepare them for their Confirmation experience in 11th grade.  Examples of (included but not limited to) the mini-course topics are:  Being Catholic, Celebrating the Eucharist, Making Decisions, Praying, and Understanding Myself.  These classes are meant to help students learn how to deal with real life situations and make decisions using sound religious principles.


Grade 10              

Chosen:  Your Journey Toward Confirmation.  DVD series and workbook.

This is a powerful, life-changing experience for teens as they prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This remarkable new program takes young people on a journey through the entire Catholic Faith in all its richness and vitality.  The goal is nothing short of winning over the hearts of teens at a critical time in their lives and keeping them in the church.

Filmed on location all around the U.S. and internationally, Chosen keeps teens’ interest with the right balance of faith, fun, and powerful videos that challenge their existing perspectives on the meaning of their lives and their ultimate call to holiness.  



In addition to the above curriculum special events are planned for grades 7-10.  The special events are community building activities.  Attendance is expected for all special events, except for the field trip.  The special events are retreats, guest speakers, NET ministry, mass, and reconciliation services.  Your child will need to attend the entire time the event is taking place.  This program runs Sept. – April.  See back page for registration form and page 4 for the contact person and are designed to help a student live their faith.

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Grades K-12

This curriculum is recommended for use in all parish religious education, youth ministry, and Catholic school settings in the diocese.  It is meant to be complementary to current diocesan curriculums and to textbook series already in place at the parish and school levels.  Although sexuality, as well as issues of abuse, can be difficult to address, please recognize that it is not an option to neglect chapters from current textbook series that are set forth for the specific purpose of educating children and youth about healthy, normative, Christian sexuality.  It is important to be aware of age appropriate content and methodologies, as well as, individual readiness to comprehend sensitive materials and terminology, and still maintain innocence as long as possible.  That is why it is important for you to partner with parents whenever possible when teaching aspects of these delicate subjects.  A form will be available for you to fill out prior to the session, letting us know your wishes.